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Joseph Condon


I can answer anything about that band Relient K. I know both the band now and their past history. However, it is impossible for me to give out address and phone numbers to band members, this is to respect their privacy the way they would respect yours.

Experience in the area

I have followed the band from the beginning and know everything there is to know about them and the band members.


relient k fanclub and website member


Followed the band for years, seen them in concert many times, met the members. I have also done great research to find out more for myself.

Awards and Honors

Met the band, seen them live, have autographs and fanclub membership.

What do you like about this subject?

Everything! Relient K is one of my favorite bands because they are so original and always sound great.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

It has sometimes been hard for some people to accept Relient K simply because they are known as a Christian band, but lead singer Matthew Thiessen wants everyone to know that they will always be Christians and the question is whether or not you like their music.

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Logan03/26/0810Thank you I'll check them out.
john mathews04/15/07101010you had a great answer it really .....


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