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I can help you with most computer questions. I have been building computers for over 15 years and fixing / repairing computers just as long. Hardware is where I am best at, while software I can help some. Looking for the best parts or low prices, I know where to look. Not sure what you need, ask me. Things not working or you getting errors, let me see if I can help. I offer no help on Mac.

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2016-02-06 MAKING IT PERFIC:

Beta = testing.  That simple.    When someone does a release in beta, they want to get real word input and see what bugs need fixed before they release to the public and the product fails because of bugs

2009-02-02 LOGOFF or SHUTDOWN:

Logoff is use if you have more then one user on your computer.  If you have one account and logoff, it will go back to the user accounts page for a different user to log on.    Log off is not hibernation

2008-10-19 Question:

Hello Christina,  I found your question under the question pool and can help you out here.  Yes, using notepad should work.  If it does not, write back and include the web site link and what you are trying

2008-10-16 Anti-virus !:

Hello, I found this question under the question pool and can help.    Quarantine - means quarantine.  It will take the file and quarantine the virus so it can not do anything.  Its still there, but can

2008-09-01 komputer concern:

Please do not use low pressure air on computer parts.  There could be do much force and you could damage the parts.  Always use a can of air that can be found at your local store.      If the fan has stop


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