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I see myself as a reasonably well-versed authority on '50's rock and roll, from its beginnings in the early '50's to the British invasion days of the early '60's. One of my strengths is matching songs and artists, as I suspect your site fields many "who sang that song?" questions. Additionally, I am particularly adept at identifying artists who performed obscure songs--one-hit-wonders, if you will.

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I have an extensive vinyl collection and literally thousands of '50's .mp3's. I consider myself fortunate to have been around at the birth of this wonderful genre. Having lived through these years gives me a perspective on them, enabling me to put things in historical context. While the term "pop culture" didn't come into popular use until the late '70's-early '80's, my experience and modest expertise afford me the opportunity to explain the interrelation of music to the movies, television and radio programs, and indeed the current events of those times. I have some time to devote to responding to inquiries and look forward to participating.


Bachelor of Business Administration and LL.B from the University of Texas at Austin.

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I'm afraid I can't give you the definitive answer you're wanting. The only song that I can recall that even approximates your ponytail reference is "What Is Love" by the Playmates. (You may also recall

2013-05-22 Song "Walking The Poodle":

"(Fifi's) Walking The Poodle" was a novelty song done by the Chordettes for Cadence Records, likely in 1954. The Chordettes were a female vocal group most remembered for "Mr. Sandman," although their cover

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Ron:    Im afraid Im coming up empty on your Judy request. I can recall two songs from the late 50s-early 60s with the title of Judy or a close variant thereof. Neither one of them fits your

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I'm sorry, but those lyrics don't ring a bell with me. The only thing I can conclude--other than the fact that I just don't know--is that perhaps the song containing those lyrics was a regional hit, rather

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I'm sorry to be so long in responding, but I've been for an extended period of time in a place with no interweb access.   I've carefully considered your lyrics and also have, as I'm sure you have as well


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