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I can address inquiries regarding eye protection in the industrial/laboratory environments and vision ergonomics

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30 years experience in private eye health care practice specializing in OSHA protective eyewear


Elgin Chamber of Commerce, ASSE


Certified optician

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Jeremy06/02/09101010Thanks for the quick reply

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2012-02-28 Dead rate in basement floor drain:

Dear Brenda, while my specialty is PPE;a couple of suggestions.  Contact a local exterminator for their advice regarding the health hazard and locating the source. I heard on the local radio station's

2011-11-18 Eye wash stations:

Dear David, I have placed what I believe are the sources for information you require. if your state has it's own safety board you might want to check with the local help desk. I hope this helps.   Have

2011-08-20 ayuda:

Dear Aurax, our specialty is protective eyewear. but I have read the during the period after the cleanup keeping the air moving with a fan can help. If it's warm, airconditioning will help "dry" up the

2011-05-14 help:

Dear Aurax, my specialty is safety eyewear. I do have the experience with your questions to provide the best course of action. May I suggest you contact the local OSHA office and they will direct you to

2010-06-18 Lighting:

Dear Elijah, lightning can travel into and through any structure. Any electronic device not connected to a surge protector is open to destruction. During a storm the standard recommendations are to stay


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