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I can answer questions about how to make important decisions in your career, your personal life and your relationships. The best decisions are made based on what you value, what gives you the most energy, and a vision the pulls you forward. In the words of a good friend of mine, "pain pushes until vision pulls." Poor decisions are usually the result of fear or trying to move away from something rather than toward. I do not answer questions about financial investments.

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I am a certified professional coach and have been coaching people to make important decisions in life and career for the past several years. I am known for helping my clients see a bigger, clearer picture of the possibilities and helping my clients get INTO ACTION rather than endlessly way different options. I also help people understand the impact their decisons have on others including partners, spouses, children, coworkers, direct reports, bosses, and other stakeholders.


International Coach Federation Marin Coaches Association


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Instructor in Coaching and Leadership - San Jose State University Certificate in Leadership - Co-Active Space Certified Professional Coach - The Coaches Training Institute and John F. Kennedy University Instructor in Business Communications - U.C. Berkeley Graduate School of Business B.S. Business - U.C. Berkeley

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Dear Kapil -    You are on the right track exploring your different options.  That doesn't make you a "bad decision maker."  What is obvious to me is that you don't have a dream. You haven't figure out

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Dear Kapil -    What specifically is your question?    I am not an expert in depression or mental health.    I can however help with decision making strategies and tactics.    Please explain more and I

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Dear Osman -    Yes, you are right.  I can understand how you would get the idea that what you want is to eat a hamburger!    The good news is that now you are more aware of what YOU want and are willing

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Dear Osman -    The key to self discipline (if you are not suffering from some kind of addiction) is deciding what you really, really want and what you are willing to do to get there.    It is all about


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