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I can answer questions about ninja and samurai history, tradition, philosophy and training. This includes queries about ninjutsu skills, taijutsu (unarmed lessons), budogu (weapons lessons), warriorship, and my personal experiences with the martial arts. [Please, No Private Questions.]

Experience in the area

Bujinkan budo taijutsu
Togakure ryu ninjutsu
Gyokko ryu kosshijutsu
Koto ryu koppojutsu
Kukishinden Happo Biken,
Takagi Yoshin ryu jujutsu
Shinden Fudo ryu dakentaijutsu,
and more...


Bujinkan Dojo Shidoshi Kai Instructors Association (1991 - present)
American Shidoshi Kai (see ) (1997 - present)


Ninja Magazine [Writer] (1986)
Sanmyaku USA [Associate Editor] (1992-1997)
Ninpo: Wisdom for Life [Book Publisher, available] (1998)
Kihon Newsletter (1999-2003) [Writer, available]


Bachelor of Arts Degree
Master of Arts Degree

Awards and Honors

Shidoshi Instructors license (1991)
Shihan title (2003)

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2014-03-03 training:

Hello Kyle,     Thank you for your question.      In my opinion, training alone (solo) allows you to learn and develop important movements but lacks training in areas the Bujinkan considers critical to

2013-05-01 Question about fudoken:

The name "fudo" seems to have been influenced by Fudou Myoo the patron deity of martial artists. He is knows for transforming anger into salvation, subduing and binding demons.     The fudo ken (immovable

2013-03-15 Ninjutsu philosophy:

An over simplified answer to your question is ninjutsu is a Japanese martial arts, and as such, has religious influences and cultural practices of its nation. But this is true of any martial art founded

2011-05-23 Training for speed:

Years ago, I read an article by Bruce Lee and M. Uyehara called "Bruce Lee's Speed Training." It was a nice piece that described some training drills. Here are two that I remember:    Candle Drill  Light

2011-05-12 Stealth:

In the martial arts we sometimes speak of "hiding in plain sight." The concept is to basically blend in with your environment. Here are some quick ideas:    -. Dress in colors that are common to the people


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