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I have studied Real Estate for many years and my wife is a Realtor with Century 21. Need help with buying, selling, Landlord-Tenant, foreclosing, loans, or more? I can help you or show you where you can find the help.

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I have studied real estate for most of my life and wife is a Realtor.


I have studied real estate for most of my life and wife is a Realtor.

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2008-08-26 return of deposit ..:

IF I understand you right, you want to keep the deposit.  If not, write back so I can correct my answer.    As the seller, you ever right to keep the deposit.  Contact your Realtor to do this.  And that

2008-02-22 selling my home:

Ok, a short sell can only be done through a Realtor I believe.  Also, a short sell can only be used if your house loan is higher then the market.  Go here:    Favorite Links    Foreclosure

2008-02-17 What are his rights?:

I am sorry to break this to you, but as much as I would like to say there is a way, there is not.    Even though I agree that she should not get anything, since her name is a the deed, he will have to

2008-01-10 Renting home still under listing contract.:

Ok,  It all depends on what the contract says.  I asked the wife, who is a Realtor, and she said, ( going off the form she uses ) that there is a line that says you agree to pay the broker X amount for

2008-01-09 Renting home still under listing contract.:

George,    The first thing you did wrong was listed for 6 months.  3 months listing with renew is the best way.    House's sit if the price is wrong or the agent is lazy.    I have never heard of this


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