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I can answer questions in the area of most types of network marketing, particularly building up word of mouth and direct referral marketing, for small and medium sized businesses. I cannot answer questions on multi-level marketing

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I have almost 20 years experience at CFO & CEO level, in growing and developing businesses ranging from very small to annual turnover of over 50 million.Since 2008, I am Regional Director for Ireland and London, UK with The Alchemy Network, an international marketing and business development consultancy


The Alchemy Network The Association of Chartered Certified Accounts


Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants Master of Science degree in Operations Management

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Lawrence08/17/11101010Thank you Paraic Bergin for taking the .....

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2016-04-22 Towels agents:

Hi Zeehan,    Your question is: how to find commission basis sales agents for your Terry Towel range in Europe     You haven't provided any information on what you have done, or what you've offered so


Hi Anita,    I must apologise again - I didn't realise your question was still in process.    Networking events tend to have a different focus from showcases - networkers are intent on building up their


Dear Anita,    Please accept my apology for not answering your question - I do not get very many questions and hadn't logged in for a long time. I noticed your question was marked pending since May 2013

2011-08-13 Marketing:

Hello Lawrence,  I'm rephrasing your questions a little and hope you'll forgive me for this and that it won't mean missing out on any aspect you would like addressed:    1. How to use a word of mouth marketing

2010-06-26 contact marketing:

Hi Neal,    BNI and similar referral based networking organisations are excellent vehicles for SME's to market their business. As are active groups such as Chambers of Commerce, Rotary and Lions Clubs


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