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I'm a mother of two young, high energy children and fully understand the challenges many women face to the find time and the energy required to lose post-pregnancy weight and look after themselves after having children. Family life can zap out energy, time and motivation but it doesn't have to! I can help you rediscover the wonder that is YOU, answer questions on healthy eating, fitting fitness into your daily life and how you too be in the best shape of your life!

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I've lived what I preach; fitness, healthy eating and a happy life is yours for the taking and I can show you fun, easy ways to reclaim that wondrous person that is YOU! For more inspiring daily doses of fitness, well-being and lifestyle plans for busy Mums, follow me on my Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/Em-Lewis-Body-Lifestyle-650456825002098 or visit www.emlewis.com.au.


Online: www.facebook.com/Em-Lewis-Body-Lifestyle-650456825002098 & www.emlewis.com.au


I've been a fitness blogprenure for over 8 years and hold a Certificate III Fitness Instructor & Certificate IV, Sports & Recreation Management accreditation, and am working towards further certification in Nutrition, Kinesiology, Weight Loss and Breast Cancer Rehabilitation.

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2017-03-13 Asking questions:

Hi Jennifer,  Congrats on your new bubba!!! Having a baby really does change a woman's body in so many ways. It can take a bit of time to "bounce back" but its totally possible!    In order to help you

2017-03-06 Joints make sound while moving:

Hi Sudha,  My apologies for the delay in answering you. Do you have any  pain associated with the joint noise? Is it constant or just occasionally? How active are you? Do you stretch daily or practise

2017-02-06 Issues:

Yes, Samantha...it might be worth seeing your GP who can refer you on to the necessary skin specialists if need be. Your doctor after examining the infected area may be able to better advise you on a treatment

2017-02-02 Issues:

Hi Samantha,  Sorry for the delay in replying. Its been school holidays over here and kids are my priority. Ok, so let me see how I can help you here... the pimples you describe is very common, its called

2015-09-27 baby almost 2:

You could reduce calories and increase your effort on workouts. 80% diet/20% gym. Cardio isn't the answer, HIIT style workouts, tabata and intervals is what burns through the fat the quickest when you


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