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I am an experienced and certified personal trainer. I run fitness boot camps with 5-10 people per camp. I can answer questions pertaining to:aerobic exercise,resistance training,functional training,weight management.,bodyweight exercises,etc. Please do not ask me to design a weight training program for you thru this forum-if you want me to design a program for you, please sign up for my online personal training program: www.fitnessgenerator.com/bonniehardie

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I have been a Personal Trainer for several years .I used to work for gyms,but now run outdoor bootcamps utilizing: resistance bands-park swings-benches-steps-bodyweight exercises-kettlebells-medicine balls,ETC.


Certified By: ACE-IFA-NESTA-AMFPT Certified In: Personal Training-Aerobics-Nutrition-Boot Camp-Senior Fitness-Womens Fitness Special Interest in combatting Childhood Obesity.

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2015-09-21 could you help me:

Hi Andrea,  The most importantly  component to abs is nutrition.  More protein and carbs--- less sodium and  fats. Drink plenty of water.  Some exercises  for the obliques include  :  Torso twists---side

2012-04-21 i need more stamina:

Hi Jo,  Thank you for your question.  The best thing that you can do for your stamina is to "just do it"-if you keep walking daily and exercising weekly-you will be able to build up your stamina.  Start

2012-03-23 weight loss:

Hi Caroline,  Thank you for your question.  It depends upon how fast you lose the weight-if you lose too much weight-too fast-you could end up with excess skin.  If you want to tell me what your current

2011-10-17 Lean out:

Hi Krista,  Food with protein in them will help you to get your ideal body:  lean turkey,  tuna  lean chicken,  etc.  Cardio exercises will help to burn the calories-to lean out:  jogging  stair running

2011-07-05 is working exercise?:

Hi Deseiai,  Great job on the weight loss-congratulations!!  You should join a gym or workout at home-spending 45-60 minutes continuously on weight training/cardio  3-4 times per week.  Working in the


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