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Questions relating to male bisexuality and male bisexual curiousity. Male bisexuality and marriage.

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Married male who is bisexual.


High school education, life experiences with bisexuality

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Recent Answers from Guy Curious

2015-09-17 I don't know what to do:

I know it's hard to have romantic feelings for someone who doesn't share the same.  The only thing you can do is respect her position.  Pushing her will definitely not get her to change her mind.    If

2014-10-16 is my boyfriend bi?:

Sounds to me that your boyfriend is bi or bicurious and you are handling it perfectly.  Bi males still suffer from the stigma that is attached to bi guys whereas female bisexuality is widely accepted.

2014-02-26 gay?:

Do you still enjoy sex with your wife?  If so you might be bisexual which could explain your attraction to transexuals.      Have you sat down with your wife and had an open, honest conversation about

2013-12-21 Bi:

Well congratulations.  You have done what many closeted bisexual guys would love to but cannot out of fear of rejection from their wife.    It's great that your wife is so open minded about you exploring

2013-12-05 Bi:

Yes you should tell her.  She gave you permission to experiment and out of respect for her you should talk to her about what happened and how you feel.    Yes, in my opinion you are bisexual.  I, too,


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