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Dealing with and managing food intolerances, Celiac's, allergies, digestive problems, IBs, pain, headaches, TMJ, fibromyalgia, thyroid problems, blood sugar problems, hypoglycemia, auto-immune disease.

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Living with chronic health problems.


I do not have a degree in a health field. I have read a lot and I have first hand experience with some conditions.

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Jay02/01/17101010Thank you for your very thorough response .....
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Muna AlSheikh02/26/15101010 

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2017-01-25 foot pain:

Dear Chris,    Just as a reminder I am not a healthcare professional so I cannot give medical advice.    I having a hard time visualizing where exactly you are having the pain.    I am only familiar with

2016-06-13 Electric Shock & Headaches:

Erik,    I am not a healthcare professional so I cannot give medical advice. Also, I am not familiar with the long term effects and treatment due to being electrocuted. I could not find much beyond the

2016-06-08 Cortisol:

Ashley,    I am not a healthcare professional so I cannot give medical advice. Your laboratory report should give the range. Cortisol can be tested in different ways & the acceptable levels can vary by

2016-03-11 Pains under right rib:

Karen,    I am not a medical professional so I cannot give medical advice. Have you seen your doctor? Because that would be best.    I am not sure about the lump and The best thing might be to see a doctor

2016-02-08 High potassium foods/nutrition:

Dorothy,    I am not a nutritionist and since you already looked online I am not sure where to go to help you. My only thought is maybe it depends where & how they are grown so maybe basing it off the


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