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I can give advice for how to deal with bullies, in nearly any situation, as well as how to solve the problem.

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I was a major victim on the receiving end of bullying when I was in grade school. I have learned from experience what does and does not work to stop bullying.


I have a Bachelor's degree, majoring in Speech Communication, and a minor in Philosophy. I am hoping to go on to receive my Master's degree in Physician's Assisting.

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Matt02/20/16101010Thanks so much.
Matt02/19/16101010Thanks a lot.
Kathy06/08/151010Very nice, in-depth answer, although my question/problem .....
Jem12/25/14101010Actually, I had made a serious mistake .....

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2015-12-07 7 year old daughter bullied by classmate:

Hi Andy,    I think the steps you have taken are a good start, and hopefully this can be laid to rest soon. However, I might suggest telling the principal, in addition. It may help the teacher to have

2015-05-31 Older lady being bullied by younger girl:

Hi Kathy,    I think your idea of confronting this girl in person sounds excellent, if you are comfortable doing so.  She will likely be more open, if you take it to her directly.  You could also remind

2014-12-09 Bullying:

Yes, your anger is legitimate.  Truly, moving beyond a traumatic experience is one of the most difficult things.  I am curious as to how old you are now.  Have you talked to a counselor?  I would suggest

2014-10-20 bullies killing me:

Hi Sadia,  In terms of what to do about the mustache itself, that is entirely up to you.  However, if you are being harassed that is a bigger problem.  Speak with a teacher, or other authority.  Explain

2014-09-20 None:

Hello Jem,  To be simple, yes your anger is legitimate.   It is unfortunate that we cannot always control who is part of our lives.  With family, as an adult, I found that with the problem relationships


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