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I'm more than happy to help anybody out that's having difficulty on a certain trick, on just juggling in general, on finding some new tricks to learn, on how to make an act, on learning siteswap, or just about anything regarding juggling!

Experience in the area

I've been juggling since 2001. I've attended four International Juggling Association festivals and five smaller local(ish) festivals. I was a Carmine Street Irregular for a few years. I have performed on Off Off Broadway more than once. By definition, I was a professional for a few years.


The Carmine Street Recreational Center (Now the Tony Dapolito Recreation Center), the IJA, the Santa Cruz juggling club, and Fire University.


I've been coached by the founder of Playful Productions, attended a staff workshop taught by Cindy Marvell, and have actually done two person Mills' Mess with Steve Mills himself!

Awards and Honors

Well, my name appeared once in Juggle Magazine! ŽD I've come close to winning some of the games quite a few times at various festivals, but have never managed first. One of these years.

What do you like about this subject?

It's incredibly fun and fulfilling. Plus, it's scientifically proven to make you smarter, faster, and more dextrous. Even the most simple tricks look impressive. For the most part, anyone can learn it. It brings smiles to hundreds of thousands of people's faces every day! Maybe most importantly to me, the juggling community culture is warmer than most others.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Right now I'm working on five ball Mills' Mess, seven club passing, 360 staff tricks, three count passing tricks, five ball windmill, etc.

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