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Matt Ramieri


I can answer questions in reference to bronze casting (the lost wax process & copper alloys) & finishing. I can also answer questions about sculpture in general including: armature building, clay construction (plastalines and oil-based clays), fabrication, TIG arc welding (including aluminum), metal chasing and finishing, patination, and wax sculpture construction (including modeling waxes, casting waxes, and sprue waxes). I also have a limited knowledge of copyright law as it pertains to the fine art maker and his/her work. I do not claim to have any particular knowledge in the fields of bronze art antiquities and their values, or the value of work created by specific artists or their processes.

Experience in the area

I have been working with bronze for over a decade and a half. I studied the lost wax process in college, went on to study the art abroad in Cortona Italy, and continued as an apprentice at the Johnson Atelier in Trenton, NJ. My love for the medium carried me on to take it up professionally. Now, I produce my bronze work and the work of others with my own company: "Inspired Bronze Inc".


Inspired Bronze, Fine Art America


Graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor degree of Fine Arts (BFA) from the University of Hartford Art School University of Georgia Studies Abroad Program graduate: Cortona, Italy Johnson Atelier School of Sculpture apprentice program graduate: 1st Class Apprentice

Awards and Honors

Charles Salsbury Award (artistic excellence) "Mostra" exhibit-Cortona, Italy, Orlando Museum of Art-1st Thursdays exhibit, exhibited in AIDS benefit show 97, '98, 3rd place in ArtWorks Gallery juried exhibiton 99, University of Hartford Grant recipient for four years

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Hi Randy    I'm not sure that I fully understand the question.  Are you asking whether or not the lions were sculpted by an artist, or produced from some existing mold?      I couldn't tell you if they

2016-06-11 Bronze sculpture foundry marks:

Hey Luke.  Hard to say. Everyone does things differently.  It might just be that they are viewed as a set, so the foundry may not have felt the need to mark both of them.  You'd really have to get in touch

2013-07-29 Bronze Chris Baldwin:

Hello Suzanne...    In many cases, an artist will make an edition of a finite number of pieces... maybe 10, maybe 50, etc.  Each one of those pieces has a specific value (or a value range), and when the

2013-07-02 Remington Bronze:

Hello Debbie.     Very Interesting stuff... I can tell you that original Remingtons were numbered in such a way... a single number under the base as opposed to a number expressed over another number (3/50)

2013-06-25 Chris Curtis - Granite fountain Sculpture:

You hadn't attached the pic the first time, but either way it is hard to say, Hernan.  $500 is not a lot of money for a hand made granite sculpture, but a sculpture is only worth what someone is willing


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