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Hello. I am very willing to discuss and answer all aspects of size acceptance, which is the NON-DIETING approach to living as a large person. I also welcome questions from their admirers. However, I can not answer diet questions.

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I have been a member of the size acceptance movement for over 25 years. While I was a fat kid, I am not very large now. I am a fat admirer who has been supporter of large people for many years.




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2016-02-28 Need Confidence:

Nobody is perfect, we all have our faults. Perfect exists only on TV and the movies.    Since people are telling you that you are nice, I wouldn't disagree with them. If you are good in their eyes, that

2014-02-09 Why does my friend put models up on a pedestal and put herself down?:

Hi.    Remember that I am not a professional, but just a member of the size acceptance community for many years.    Unfortunately, I don't think you can change your friend. So many people try changing

2012-02-12 Website For Positive Body Image.:

Hi.    I just wanted you to know that I kept checking for responses for my request if anyone knew about the website, and no one answered.  Sorry I couldn't find it for you.    Bob

2010-10-30 Body Image:

Hi.    I wish there was a few words that change everything, but it isn't that easy.    Sometimes it is hard to love yourself, and it is hard to work at it. But you have to remember that much of the negativity

2010-10-01 Am I fat?:

Hi.    Size acceptance means that there really is no need to classify people as fat or not.  Everyone should be accepted no matter what size they are. Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder.  So what


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