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I'm best on questions of the suitability of new technologies, but will try to keep up with retail offerings of hybrid vehicles too.

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Designing human-electric hybrids.


International Human Powered Vehicle Association


4th Annual Velomobile Seminar proceedings, many listserv postings.


few academics, but my 1st prototype won a world championship, and I've lectured to engineers.

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Prashant S Akerkar09/05/15101010Dear Bob Thanks. Thanks & Regards, Prashant .....

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2016-02-02 Fuel consumption advice:

Save your money.  Those mileage claims are outrageous, and water is the ashes of hydrogen.  There are ways to improve mileage, but tinkering with combustion is not very rewarding.  I recommend ecomodder

2015-07-11 Prius:

All front ends need re-alignment if worn or damaged.  You can check it yourself, by marking the pavement accurately and measuring faster than you can keep an appointment.  Or, you can just watch for abnormal

2014-12-13 Portable Microwave Oven Model Design.:

Yes, such a thing can be designed.  You have a good grasp of the numbers you have to match up for oven watts, inverter, and battery capacity for an off-the shelf prototype.  The weight of a standard microwave

2014-09-28 Power Steering functions.:

Almost anything can be done with powered control systems.  Scooters make little or no use of the feet.  Cars for handicapped drivers routinely use hand controls.  Various options have been tried experimentally

2014-08-31 Triple Fuel Source Input Automobile.:

Dear Prashant,    There can be troubles over using gasoline in old style diesels due to premature ignition, but with a modern, precisely timed injection of fuel, the diesel is not at all fussy about which


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