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I would be able to answer questions relating to the history of bodybuilding (dating back to pre history), find contests in the area (given a zipcode or town name) and suggest music to pose to based on bodyweight and genre of music.

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I know over 200 bodybuilders personally and have helped 20 win local, national and international titles through advising about locations.


Natural Physique Association (UK) and ICBBA (International Christian BodyBuilding Association)


None (as I have been self taught)

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2016-03-27 Whey Protein and its effects on body.:

According to the BMI calculator I have on my computer a height of 172cm and a bodyweight of 54kg equals a BMI of 18.25. This is classed as "Underweight" therefore believe that you should first consult

2014-12-15 doubt:

With regard to the weakness in your wrists it is almost certainly down to not training it enough. Although there are no actual muscles in your wrist, there are still tendons there and as your forearms

2014-12-14 doubt:

Whilst it is true that a diet comprising of all vegetables and no meat does contain less protein than an all meat and no vegetables diet that does not mean that a vegetarian (or indeed vegan) can become

2014-09-24 diet:

Like most bodybuilding questions there are two distinct opinions. Myself, I come down on the "common sense" side every time and would therefore suggest that you try and allocate your calories intake in

2014-08-30 about masterbation:

There are loads of suggestions about how to break through plateaus (in fact too many to summarise in a single answer) so what I would suggest is that you search YouTube for the words "bodybuilding plateau"


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