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I began this profile in 2007 after a bad breakup with my girlfriend at the time. I was a junior in high school then and the breakup left me pretty heartbroken. I found a reprieve in offering advice to others experiencing similar high school traumas and I began writing here. Almost eight years later and I am still a part of AllExperts. Since then I have gone to university, moved to China, begun working an actual job, and experienced many more dramas. I have had wonderful friends who have supported me through all of it, and I am happy to give back whatever I can. Feel free to send me a private or public message and I will respond as soon as I can =)

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I have been working for AllExperts for over eight years and have answered over 400 questions to date.


Bachelor of Arts.

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Recent Answers from Dan

2016-05-07 Why won't this guy leave me alone?:

Hi Nicole,    No one should have to put up with that ever. If I were you I would quietly talk to the teacher after class and ask them to talk to him. It doesn't need to be a big scene or anything, but

2016-04-03 Making new friends?:

Hi Tiffany,    Don't worry, starting high school can often bring up those kind of feelings. I bet more people than you realize actually feel the same way you do. Because my parents had jobs that required

2015-12-20 Friendship, possibly jealous:

Hi Carrie,    I'm sorry, I know how you feel, and it's pretty hard to try and force someone to be friends with you if they aren't trying themselves. Many people just have a personality that likes to be

2015-12-19 Complimenting a girl:

Hi Tony,    It's a little hard to tell without any additional information. As a general rule though, you don't want to compliment people on their looks (especially their bottoms), unless you have a personal

2015-04-14 How to tell if my friends are cutting me out of their lives?:

Hi Yasmin!    I'm surprised that they would cut you out of the group for that. It seems like something parents would be judgemental about, but normally friends are more understanding. Everyone makes mistakes


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