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I can answer questions regarding: up and coming events, past history, some website info, anything you want to know, I can tell you, and if I can't, I'll ask someone who does know and I'll get back to you.

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I've been an AFI fan for 8 years and have followed them.


Despair Faction 5th Column Key Lime Pie Crew


AFI mysteries unvealed.


High School Graduate, College student in Fall of 07.

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2008-12-18 can u awncer my ?:

they started their band in high school, and they used to play at lunch time.  I'm not aware of any real inspiration, other than they were just bored with skating around town and stuff, so they decided

2007-09-27 AFI questions:

No, AFI has not broken up, in fact they are playing an exclusive show in Hollywood at the Troubador on the 2nd of October.  Blaqk Audio is just a side project that has been pending for 3 or 4 years.  Hunter

2007-08-29 AFI:

All songs that are written by AFI are a mystery.... or at least most of them are.  Many people try to discover the meanings, but in my opinnion it's about a disappointment in a love, like someone let you

2007-08-09 AFI:

AFI has not started writing a new album yet, however there was talk a while ago of releasing another album with songs recorded that didn't make it to Decemberunderground.    He used to, I haven't seen


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