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Dr.Seema Nigar Alvi


Question pertaining to issues of health and seeking unani treatment and. The phaemacological effects of Unani drugs .The methodology of unani drugs and their efficacy. Unani drugs are indeed highly effdective in curing various diseases.

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Since past seven years I have been successful in curing various patients through Greek Medicine { i.e Unani Medicine}.My expertises are in Gynaecology , respiratory and skin disorders , gastrointestinal disorders etc..


Medical Graduate in Unani Medicine From Indias Most illustrious Institution - the Hamdard University , New Delhi. Post graduate in Public health and Communty medicine From LU

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2016-09-11 hep b:

Thank you for the question.  You can start with Majoon dabeedul ward 5 gm twice a day and sharbat kamooni and sharbat baadyaan 5 ml 5 ml each in half a glass of water, twice a day. Take all medicines for

2016-08-06 PCOS and Irregular Periods:

Walekum assalam    Thanks for the question. Before starting the treatment I would ask you to show me the sonograpgy report latest off course. You can scan and send at my email ID. In the meantime start

2015-10-26 Dust allergy, constipation & severe acidity:

Assalaam alaikum   Thanks a lot for the questions. She should takenmajoon itreepjal andnmajunnastokhodoos I teaspoon twice a day after meals for 4 weeks. Insha Allah she will be cited.  Allah cure and

2015-10-21 health problem:

Hi Ikram   Assalaam Alaikum Thanks for the question.    You can start up with Majun Falasfa two teaspoon twice a day for 15 days  Also give Itreephal astokhuddoos one teaspoon twice a day after meals for

2014-02-19 height increase:

Hello,  Sorry for the delay in answering your question.    Well,Unani medicine can help you increase your height but the process is slow because as you grow the sealing of growing ends of bones sets in


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