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Dr. V. Habibullah

On Vacation
returns 06/13/2017

I can answer any question related to Unani system of Medicine, Indian medicine and its research related works. I will be extremely happy to share my knowledge and be one of the member of your regular mailing list.

Experience in the area

I have been teaching Unani system of Medicine in Govt. Unani Medical college, Chennai - 106. for the past 5 years


Govt. Unani medical College Chennai


B.U.M.S. from University of Madras, Chennai in 1993 through Govt. Unani Medical College, Chennai M.D. in Unani pharmacology from NTR University of Health sciences in 1998 through Govt. Nizamia Tibbi College, Charminar, Hyderabad

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My students, teachers, friends and colleagues.

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Recent Answers from Dr. V. Habibullah

2016-08-02 stomach ulcer:

Dear Sabahat,  I suggest you to take Javarish e Shahi 1/2 teaspoon twice daily along with Qurs e Alkali 1-0-1 with water.  I thought you knew about Unani and enquired regarding Masthagi.  Hence I suggested

2016-06-19 h pylori or stomach ulcer:

WA.  Dear Sabahat sorry for the late response, There is a compound drug available in the name of Jawarish e Mastagi it is manufactured by Hamdard Pharma.  Hope it is available with Hamdard Dealer near

2015-06-24 right big testis:

Dear Syed Ahmed Sahib I suggest you to take USG Scrotum this will let us know whether it is hydrocele or hernia or someother thing.  it is just a small scanning all the centres having ultrasound do this

2009-03-17 Inguinal Hernia:

Dear Sir,  Inguinal hernia is a type of mechanical problem(I mean the weak abdominal space allows the abdominal contents such as peritoneum or intestine to protrude), it is not possible to treat medically

2009-03-08 exessive body heat:

I suggest you to take Bangshil and fortege it will reduce the ejaculation and nocturnal emission, chewing cardomum will reduce your sexual desire,it wont cause any reaction with the above drugs.  you can


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