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Shirley McAllister, CPP, PHR


I can answer questions about Benefits plans, Health and Retirement, Erisa, Hippa, Cafeteria 125, Cobra and 401K. I cannot answer questions about stock option plans or other retirement plans.

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I have been 25 years with my current International company. I am the Health Plan benefit administrator and I am also the Retirement Plan Trustee. I am the Human Resource Director.




I.O.M.A. B.N.A.


PHR in Human Resources CPP in Payroll

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Recent Answers from Shirley McAllister, CPP, PHR

2016-06-24 Health Insurance after layoff:

First  of all once you are no longer employed with the company they are no longer responsible for your insurance and any subsidy that the company paid for your insurance  while you were an emploee.  Also

2015-10-19 Switching Employer Insurance:

That's a tough one. Is your doctor in the network? If you not may have to get a doctor in their network and have him talk to your wife's doctor. Your wife's doctor can probably prescribe someone in network

2014-03-19 Health Insurance Benefit:

This would depend on whether or not the company is a sole proprietorship, an LLC, a partnership or an S Corp.  There are different rules for different types of companies.     I pay the owner's insurance

2014-03-17 Health Insurance Benefit:

I would call it , code it and pay it as a taxable benefit.  So you can have a code set up by the payroll company for this Benefit say it is company paid insurance. It will be set up as a taxable benefit

2013-10-06 Employer group health insurance:

You should have received a notice of Marketplace exchanges from your employer and a summary of your insurance. You can take that and go out to the marketplace exchange or other insurance company and check


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