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I can answer questions about nursing errors and patient care errors. I can answer questions about nursing procedures, interventions, and outcomes.

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I have been a registered nurse for over 24 years. I've worked in many areas of nursing, including medical, surgical, intensive care, emergency, dialysis, and administration. I am an ardent supporter of patient rights and patient safety.


I have a degree in science with a major in nursing. I have been certified in critical care and dialysis nursing.

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Jo 12/12/14101010Thanks, about all I can hope is .....
Jo 12/11/14101010 
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elli07/15/12101010Clear and reassuring
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2014-12-12 informed consent:

Hi Jo,  I'm sorry you were put in that situation.  I understand your hesitancy to hold up the proceedings.  You only had two choices; 1) sign the form as you did even though the statement was not true

2014-12-10 informed consent:

Hi Jo,  Informed consent forms have different parts.  The first part is the disclosure and explanation of the nature of a procedure or treatment, its potential risks and benefits, and reasonable alternatives

2013-08-06 Chicken pox care:

Hello Shaktikanta,  I'm sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling well.  I suspect that your symptoms of nausea and dizziness are related to the antiviral medication, however I cannot diagnose you and

2012-12-31 Air in syringe:

Hi Gary,  No, that small amount of air won't cause any problems.  The muscle will absorb it the same way it absorbs the medication.    Just make sure to inject the same amount (o.35ml) of air into the

2012-06-04 elderly and seroquel / quetiapine:

Hi Rachel,  I am sorry that you and your grandmother are going through this difficult time.   I have a couple of questions, if you don't mind.  Has your grandmother been diagnosed with schizophrenia or


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