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Can answer questions about boarding pets. Cannot answer medical questions about pets.

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12 years running a boarding kennel for dogs and cats, boarding up to 30 dogs and 12 cats each day and running the business myself


Canadian Kennel Club


Article published in local newsletter regarding pet boarding


Bachelor of Science degree from McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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Small business grant

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80% of business is repeat customers, 20% is new customers

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Brenda Murray11/28/14101010Awesome response. Thank you VERY MUCH Kathy .....
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Mary Margaret Douglas09/10/12101010Thank you so much for your answer .....

Recent Answers from Kathy Carter

2015-01-12 cleaning kennel floor for dogs:

Hello Brenda,    Thank-you for your question.      As for the best product to clean dog feces, a strong disinfectant which kills E.coli would be the best and there are many brands you could find at a farm

2014-11-26 Turf for dog area of back yard:

Hi Brenda,  Thank-you for your question.  I actually wouldn't recommend indoor/outdoor carpeting as a "ground" for dogs.  Your initial idea of laying some type of mesh followed by gravel would be a better

2014-06-09 dogs not eating and vomiting bile:

Hi Melissa,  Thank-you for your question.  We have encountered this problem many times since we started running the kennel in 1998.    We have a few things we have tried though the years that have usually

2014-01-23 diarrhea when boarding:

Hi Leslie,  The pet store brands I have used are NaturVet Anti-Diarrhea (by Garmon Corp., California) and KP Anti-diarrhea (by Gimborn Pet Specialties, Atlanta, Georgia). Both are liquids and contain Kaolin

2014-01-23 diarrhea when boarding:

Hello Leslie,  Thank-you for your question.  As a kennel owner for the last 16 years, diarrhea and blood in the stool is the number one medical issue we have experienced in boarding dogs. It is always


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