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How to pick a good kennel, dog daycare or overnight facility. Should I leave with friends or have a dog walker come into my home. How do I know that my pet will be taken care of properly?

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I have had a dog since I was 3 years old. In my professional life I was traveling quite a bit so my dog boarded more often that I would have liked. I got tired of the corporate world and now own a doggie day care and overnight facility. My expertise is in how to pick a kennel for your pet when you travel.


Here's a link to my day care and overnight facility

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Jim01/02/17101010Thank you for the help!
audrey11/07/12101010Point on and fast reply, many thanks!
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2016-12-26 dog adoption:

If you are not confident with your local city/county animal shelter then I would try a local rescue group.   Keep in mind before you pass up the local shelter that most people don't get into this business

2015-11-24 unauthorized charges:

Hi,  The vets that I work with only do "medical" boarding and they charge significantly more per night than I do as a boarding facility ($250 per night).  Generally they are pretty clear on what's authorized

2012-08-30 Basic questions about dogs:

Hi,  I don't consider myself a breed expert so I'll give you some thoughts at a high level.  My understanding of the breed is that they are herders and guard dogs.  Generally speaking herding breeds, shepards

2012-08-17 Puppy boarding:

Many boarding facilities won't take puppy's under 16 weeks, mainly for the safety of the puppy they are still very susceptible to disease.  I never recommend boarding a dog under 16 weeks for more than

2012-04-03 Boarding/Potty Training:

A couple things could be going on:    Marking:  different that peeing, boy dog leaving a scent in case a girl dog comes around  UTI:  mostly in girls  The dog wasn’t 100% housetrained to begin with:  When


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