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Can answer all questions relating to mold and why it is present in your home.

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I have proformed over 8,000 Home Inspections.


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lic Nys Inspector, lic lead inspector, lic asbestos inspector, lic pest inspector, lic oil tank testor. engineer

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Recent Answers from Ed Neyland

2013-02-23 Sweating walls and mold:

Your windows are not your problem, with much missing information this is what i think is going on.     1) you have an older house   2) you have limited insulation in the walls.     the problem is the outside

2011-11-21 Mold prevention inside walls:

Good Morning,     Well the idea may seam like a good one but it is not. What you really need to do is cut the wall open behind the washer and remove the damaged sheet rock and wet insulation. The area

2011-05-20 2 questions: is it mold?:

1) there was no photos attached to this letter?   2) wood will change color after it is wet normally to a black color.   3) mold spores will normally have a circular pattern.   4) as far as the crawl space

2011-03-21 who to hire?:

Mold kits in the store are not very good, My recommendation would be to test the wall for moisture and do an inner wall test for mold. You would need special equipment. The problem is in most states that

2010-10-14 mold in attic:

Patrica     1) have the attic tested.   2) mold can build for a number of reasons a) what is the condition of the roof? b)how well is the attic vented? c) is there air from the living space leaking into


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