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Steve Major (Principal -- Lakeland Environmental)

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returns 04/12/2017

I can answer questions on indoor mold (fungal) infestations, indoor air quality, and indoor moisture problems. This includes mold testing, investigation, and remediation. PLEASE indicate your state or region, so I can provide the best possible answer.

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I have extensive experience in the investigation, testing, and remediation of indoor fungal (mold) infestations, including the design and oversight of remediation projects, hands-on cleaning and removal, and safe work practices. I developed a successful mold remediator training and certification program, and have trained many mold workers and remediation supervisors in proper techniques. I have a strong knowledge of the ways in which moisture and airlow patterns in buildings can affect fungal growth and air quality.


BS Cornell University. IAQA Certified Mold Remediator. 40-hour HAZWOPER certification. NYS Department of Health Certified Training Director.

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Recent Answers from Steve Major (Principal -- Lakeland Environmental)

2016-03-15 mould:

Stephen,    If you have mold, then you also have a moisture problem.  This could be caused from excess humidity, inadequate ventilation, poorly-insulated walls or windows, or other reasons.      In your

2015-12-14 Mold or efflorescence?:

Barry,    If you are able to maintain the moisture content of the walls below 12-15%, and the relative humidity in the room below 50%, then even if there are dormant mold structures in the wall they should

2015-12-03 Mold or efflorescence?:

Barry,    Hard to tell the problem from these photos.  If the brick walls are even slightly moist during some seasons or after rain, then this could be efflorescence.  It does not look like mold.  If the

2015-11-20 damp smell in airing cupboard:

Kim,    This is difficult for me to answer without photos of the inside and outside.  If you are able, please forward.    Otherwise, it sounds like you have (or had) a moisture intrusion in or adjacent

2015-07-22 Possible Causation of White Mold near Floor?:

Alex,    Even though you don't see cracks or free water in the basement, I am sure that your basement has very high humidity levels for parts of the year.     I recommend that you remove all porous materials


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