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2007-09-05 Hey Jupiter:

Here's a collection of quotes about the song.  Maybe that'll help you out.    “Well, I was really in a bind because um, I was doing some bad things and I was in a love triangle with these uh I don’t even

2004-03-19 "Time" meaning:

Personally, I'm not really sure, nor have I thought about it that much.  I wasn't a fan of the whole SLG thing, and I think with most of the songs she was really reaching to try to make them fit in with

2004-03-17 New Lyric in God:

It's actually on the album version too, just not as pronounced.  ..which you probably already know =]  Anyway, It's a Bible verse...I don't recall exactly which. I want to say something from Exodus but

2003-03-12 Drug related lyrics:

I don't think Tori's lyrics are all that laden with references to the 'deep dark underworld of hard drugs.' In terms of her personal life, she hasn't done much more than make passing references to recreational


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