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2006-01-01 Searching for bootleg "Inside the Storm":

Hi Molly,  Sorry it took me so long, I was on vacation. Inside the Storm is a silver bootleg and hasn't been pressed (manufactured) since late 1996/early 1997. Consequently it is extremely rare and expensive

2005-12-25 Record Sales:

Hey Lisa,  The best bet you would have would be to go to the RIAA website and do a search for Tori. check out (theyre who certify an album gold, platinum, etc) They have a good list of how well

2005-09-11 Y Kant Tori Read pic disc:

Hey Calanor,  Its definitely a bootleg, don't waste your money. The only legit copies circulating of YKTR are cd copies (Im sure there are vinyls, but none of them are picture discs). For future reference

2005-08-17 Meaning of lyrics of A Sorta Fairytale:

Hi Kayt,  Unfortunately Tori never discusses the meaning of each lyric she writes, so theyre open to interpretation. So heres my interpretation    "the girl had come undone, I tried to downplay it"  Shes

2005-03-12 tapeworm:

Hey Abba,  Unfortunately I havent heard anything about that (or close to it for that matter) since the Boys for Pele era. I would have to say that its most likely never going to come to pass considering


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