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Harcharan Singh Diocee


Electric motor winding redesign, AC and DC. Troubleshooting, motors controls generators. Vibration analysis, dynamic balancing, root cause analysis: electrical and mechanical.

Experience in the area

thirty five years electro-mechanical and Senior Management




Journeyman Motor Rewinder, Millwright, Industrial Electrician, Vibration Analyst level II. Certified Electrical Technician ASTTBC, FSR Class B, in BC. Laser alignment specialist. Marine machinery repairs. Business Management Certificate. Last 19 yrs as Plant Manager

What do you like about this subject?

I love this trade as it is extremely challenging. It allows me to utilize my training and knowledge experience to the fullest everyday.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

There is never a day where I dont learn something new. It offers many challenges which makes it interesting.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

I strongly urge young high school students who are interested in trades to seriously consider the electric motor/winding trade instead of construction electrician. It is far more challenging.

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Prashant S Akerkar 07/28/16101010Dear Harcharan Thanks. Prashant
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Recent Answers from Harcharan Singh Diocee

2017-01-29 Wagner reverse repulstion motor:

I do not any specs on the brushes for any motors.  What we do at our shop is order brushes from Helwig.  Gthey will need dimensions a picture, or dwg sowing the style of brush and location of the shunt

2016-12-07 Repulsion motor internal connections:

I did find a dwg in Rosenberg.  Hope it helps.  see attached  To reverse it normally requires to chnage the brush holder position either to left or right of the neutral point.    He may try using a drum

2016-10-01 help:

These types of fans should only be run when there are people around and can be seen in operation.  They are made of plastics, and when they run continously, the bearings slowly loose their lubrication

2016-09-25 Wagner Motor renovation:

You can send it to the nearest motor repair shop near you. I dont know your location.!    The pulley has 4 hex head bolts probably holding a plate or a locking ring underneath.  remove bolts and examine

2016-09-21 Wagner Motor renovation:

We recondition motors all the time.  Dismantle it, blow out with air. wash it out with alchohol, and blow it out again.  You can bake it for a 2 hrs at 250 deg F . If in a hot clinate it should air dry


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