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Three phase/ AC DC single phase motors, controls, any problems or failures, motor installation, performance issues, connections. All other electric motors/gearboxes/apparatus. Specialty repair concerns, obsolete motors and solutions. Other mechanical or specialty equipment. See my profile under Home/electrical at this site

Experience in the area

30 plus years in the electrical motor and apparatus repair industry. VP level management of repair facilities, current owner of my own specialty repair and consulting firm.


EASA, IBEW [retired], other specialty organizations, Lubrication, Vibration EDI, Tribo-electric Councils


Currently fielding concerns at this site under "Home Electrical"


4 year technical, College level specific courses, EASA repair courses, vibration analysis electronic and electrical trade school.

What do you like about this subject?

OLDER Three or single phase OEM motor information is getting more and more difficult to find. New technologies and new types of motors are often blended in the same operation, or operation, and can be somewhat confusing.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

For over thirty years I have been involved with the repair and diagnosis of motor/apparatus mechanical issues. There are always new issues.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

A brush can increase the operating life of a motor by a factor of 2 or more. Simply sweeping the contaminates or materials from a process, off the motor case, will allow the motor to cool itself as designed. however a "hot" motor is not necessarily a "bad" motor.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Differences in the motor code number or speeds require additional consideration in starting methods and choices of control. The number of starts a motor can withstand in a defined amount of time is frequently overlooked. Motors do fail on their own. However a significant amount of motor failures are the result of something preventable. As well, the cause of failure in rarely diagnosed.

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Recent Answers from Will

2015-06-24 Motor current release device:

Derek,    Almost but not quite enough information.  First I thought momentary switch, were pushing start activates the contacts, starts the motor, but does not "seal" or mechanically latch,   so that the

2015-06-23 wiring switch on boat life motor:

I see this is a poor diagram  makes no sense to me,      Firs thing is to get the motor connected for the voltage you want,    5 and 8 motor leads are the start windings and the two that will need to be

2015-06-07 Wiring GE Fan Motor:

You want variable speed?    The model looks like a three phase motor.  IF it is a shop with three phase you can use a VFD   Variable Frequency Drive,    If it is single phase there is not much speed control

2015-05-29 Delco a7956 attic fan 1/3 hp 1 cycle:

Look at your pulleys  if you can find a ridge in the side of either pulley it is bad,   and will tear up a belt in short order,   I cannot tell if the belt is just old and deteriorated or torn from ridges

2015-05-23 Delco a7956 attic fan 1/3 hp 1 cycle:

Rhonda     The clue might be in the reason and or  condition of the old belt    Did it break?   Was it frayed badly?    What method tightens the belt?    Do you know there are different sizes of belts


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