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Howard M. Fitzcharles III


MG from 1956 (USA versions only) up and Engine theory.

Experience in the area

Dealership line mechanic on MG, Triumph, Jaguar for 15 years, Instructor in commercial mechanics school 2 yr. Product information manager for piston and valve manufacture, Instructor & hotline answer man for import car parts importer 15 yrs.


Associate member SAE EAA member


Import Car magazine


ASE Master Auto with L-1 certification up to 2000

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2017-01-09 TR3 won't shift out of 2:

Hi Gabe,     If this car has been sitting for a long time and not driven, I could be rust causing the problem because oil don't stay on metal very long. There are additives to make oil cling to metal for

2017-01-03 TR3 clutch stuck:

Hi Gabriel,    Clutch disks do stick to flywheels and pressure plates when sitting for a long time and I do have a procedure that often works to break them loose but I fear you have a second problem that

2016-11-08 1976 mgb:

Hi Pete,    We often would get cars in the dealerships that the customer said the car shuts off on the road but not in the shop while we were watching. So here is what we had to do.    All gasoline engines

2016-10-31 TR6 backfire through carb.:

Hi Gabe,    Glad to hear you found the problem. You do know that lifting the piston on the rear carb you are testing the other carb not the one you are lifting. Most books tell you otherwise but in the

2016-10-23 1969 MGB Will Not Start:

Hi Paul,    As I remember the 69 MGB has the Opus / Lucas ignition system, which failed so often we replaced the unit more then once on many cars before they got out of the one year warranty. The failure


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