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Howard M. Fitzcharles III


MG from 1956 (USA versions only) up and Engine theory.

Experience in the area

Dealership line mechanic on MG, Triumph, Jaguar for 15 years, Instructor in commercial mechanics school 2 yr. Product information manager for piston and valve manufacture, Instructor & hotline answer man for import car parts importer 15 yrs.


Associate member SAE EAA member


Import Car magazine


ASE Master Auto with L-1 certification up to 2000

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2016-10-21 TR6 back fire through carb.:

Hi Gabe,    I found while working in dealerships that symptoms rarely produce a diagnosis of a problem It only tells you there is a problem.     We were always paid on commission only. So we only were

2016-10-17 79 MGB Will Not Idle:

Hi Eric,    Not Maybe not ready yet. The later MGB's can run ok at 118 psi even though the wet test shows some ring ware. You said carbon on the plugs. There are several kinds of carbon. Flat black powder

2016-10-07 79 MGB Will Not Idle:

OK Eric, that is a good start so I will walk you through the procedure we used in the dealerships which is necessary. When any engine slows down and dies one or more of the three systems has failed and

2016-10-06 79 MGB Will Not Idle:

Hi Eric,    You did not say if it idled down too low and quits or it is idling very fast and will not idle down.     Either way you need to run a couple of tests. First, this is a single Stromberg carburetor

2016-08-18 turn signal:

Hi Levi,    The Lucas flasher units work on the resistance of the current going to the bulbs. Each bulb filament has a resistance value so normally the two bulbs (front and rear) supply so much load on


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