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As a parts expert at I can answer questions related to replacment parts for your equipment and assist in narrowing down your issue to which part(s) might correct your problem.

Experience in the area

13 years of fitness equipment experience from a repair perspective as a field technician and parts expert.


Factory trained technician by several major manufacturers.

Awards and Honors was recognized as a 2010 Inc500 company, one of the fastest growing companies in the country.

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2016-10-04 lifecyle 9500:  Above is a list of equipment that matches the model name you provided.    What you're describing could be a loose or worn out crank

2016-09-08 HealthRider S150:

Some treadmills are designed to cycle through an incline calibration on power-up. If it is doing this it will incline all the way up, then all the way back down. Other treadmills require that they are

2016-08-23 HealthRider S150:  The link above is to a few pieces of equipment match the name you provided.    There is a good chance that what

2016-07-28 Lifecycle LC-9000 service:

I do not have a service manual available for that unit. Generally in these units there is a 6 or 8 volt lead-acid battery under the covers. It looks like:

2016-05-01 Healthrider S150 treadmill:  The link above will take you to a few machines that match the name you provided. To know your exact machine you


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