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I am qualified and certified to answer questions on all of the major brands of fitness equipment. I also can provide a site with part number to help resolve the issues you may be having. I can answer questions about maintenance as well as repair questions.

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I have over 15 years experience in the Fitness industry.


Certified through all the major manufacturers.

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joyce11/12/12101010You're right. That makes sense now. Thanks
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2012-11-15 NordickTrack Elliptical Fried?:

There is no telling exactly what all was fried, but you can check the harness for shorts using a multimeter.  Check continuity to make sure there are no shorts in the harness.  Also check cross continuity

2012-11-11 exercise:

You are reading it correctly.  The reason you are able to do it with so much ease is because of the resistance setting you have it on.  Outside riding a bike is a whole lot more difficult because of the

2012-10-15 LifeCycle 6500HR:

That is correct.  The one listed in that post shows to be different.  Unfortunately I do not show one for your model.  If you can provide me the serial number, I will be happy to take it a step further

2012-10-14 LifeCycle 6500HR:

You are correct in thinking that there is a clutch in your bike.  Unfortunately, I do not know exactly where you can find it.  I would suggest contacting LifeFitness directly.  If they do not have it,

2012-09-14 Octane elliptical Q45:  After doing some research the link posted was the best information I could find.  By using this link, you should be able to obtain your answer and also find


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