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I do NOT appraise banjos and so I can't give you a dollar valuation for your instrument. After all, the best thing to do with a nice banjo is to go ahead and play it. But I'm happy to discuss clawhammer (old-time) banjo set-up, recordings, musicianship, practice tips, repertoire.

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Denise02/20/11101010Thank you very much Jim! I have .....
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2012-03-01 capo and 5th string spikes:

Sorry for the slow reply, but I'm working in China until July and thus am working 13 hours ahead of USA East Coast time.  I may be 13 hrs in the future, but I'm sleeping when most of my banjo correspondents

2011-06-27 Banjo Tuning:

David,    There are probably some tuners out there that are designed for guitar only, but in general electronic tuners will work with all stringed instruments.  For example, the TuneTech unit that I use

2011-06-25 Banjo Tuning:

Hello David,    Very sorry for the delay in my response, but I've been traveling for a few days without convenient e-mail access.      What you need to do is purchase a small, clip-on electronic tuner

2011-02-20 What is it??:

Hi Denise    From your description, it seems that you are in possession of a banjo-ukulele.  These are not especially collectible in most cases (that is, you won't sell it for a bunch of money), but they

2010-09-09 1901 NO KNOT 4 String:

Danny,    "No Knot" is a patented type of banjo tailpiece.  It is different from, say, a classical guitar type tailpiece, which requires that strings be tied with a knot.  "No Knot" tailpieces must be


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