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Whiskey, or Whisky only please. Any questions regarding the distilling and consuming of Whiskey: rye, bourbon, or scotch. Wines and Brandy are out of my area. I can not value old bottles of whiskey. But generally, if you can find something similar on sale today, and your bottle seal is unbroken, that would be the current value.

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Michael McManus08/03/15101010Thank you so much for reply it .....
bhalaram05/08/15101010Thanks for your help sir.....
Bob03/04/15101010knows his stuff good guy good info .....
Maureen02/20/15101010Many thanks for giving me an idea .....

Recent Answers from Ralph Onesti

2016-05-25 old bourbon:

Hi Dave:    These "special edition" bottles are always a dilemma!    As you can see from your responses from the Masters themselves...the market really doesn't know what to do with them.    This may or

2015-09-26 Jack Daniels tin:

Hi Kim:    Yes...there were many!    Does it have the whiskey inside and intact...if so..the whiskey is worth shelf price today.    The tins have no set value...The value is in the perception of the buyer

2015-08-03 Jack daniels collectors tin:

Hi Michael:    A while ago Daniels was bottling at 43% which translates to 86 proof unlike today where it is bottling at 80 proof.    I have seen the tins without the bottle selling for from 20-49.00/

2015-08-02 Jack daniels collectors tin:

Hi Michael:    As stated in my profile, qualifying collectibles, etc. not about the whiskey and in the AOR of antique dealers etc.    However, I have seen these go for around 75.00 liquor included, sealed

2015-05-04 asking about whisky:

Hi Bhalaram:    As long as the seal is in tact, the whiskey will last forever!    Once bottled, with little room at the top, oxidation isn't an issue.    So...pop that seal and enjoy!    Walker is a southern


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