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I can answer many questions about training, behavioral issues, health, and conformation. Also I can answer questions about what types of dogs these are and if this is the right breed for you.

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I have worked with Italian Greyhounds in both showing and rescue for over 5 years, experienced almost every type of issue with this breed that could be imagined and have successfully trained, many "untrainable" dogs. I have been responsible to find homes suitable for IG's and have had an excellent success rate in placements into a "forever" homes of dogs given to rescue or turned to rescue by shelters that would have otherwise euthanized.


I have learned most of what I know through mentorships with breeders of the breed that have been involved for 20 years, asking a lot of questions and paying attention to the dogs signals.

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2016-10-11 Italian Greyhound:

I apologize for the delay in answering, I didn't receive the notice about your question.     What you are describing is sounding like a stroke, he could have had mini seizures or small strokes for some

2015-12-31 Potty Issues and Training:

I am sorry that you are having difficulties such as these with your IGs, I definitely understand the struggles having had them as well. I apologize for the delay in responding.     As you are well aware

2015-01-11 famished ig:

Without knowing where these IGs came from and thier individual circumstances, I would assume they have been medically checked out for worms and cancer, that can steal the nutrients from the body. You didn't

2014-11-13 potty training:

Hello! Well I have to say this is the most common question about IG's and the most frustrating. IG's can take several years to be completely potty trained. The average IG will be a year to three years

2014-06-28 Crate Issues:

Hi! Congrats on your new addition!    To get right down to the crating issues, many dogs (not just IGs) are not initially comfortable in a crate and to many it is a punishment, so first the crate needs


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