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Welcomes questions regarding cooking for dogs, and may be able to provide information regarding pet food quality and ingredients. Not qualified to answer medical questions.

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Founder, Rudy Green Inc., manufacturer of a frozen, all natural "people food for dogs". I have been an animal rescue worker for over 20 years and have extensive knowledge of pet food and nutrition.


Bachelors degree in Social Sciences. 20+ years of active volunteerism within Animal Welfare organizations. Over 6 years of studies and hands on research in pet nutrition.

Past/Present Clients

Retail customers include Whole Foods Market, Kroger, Amazon and independent pet supply and grocery stores

What do you like about this subject?

Dogs LOVE food- would they really choose to eat dry or canned dog food given a choice? Would YOU want to eat the same thing every meal every day? is that HEALTHY??? Those consumers that love dogs should read the teeny print on pet food labels and research ingredients that they can't pronounce or don't recognize.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Dogs have been our companions for 10,000 years. Commercial pet food was created in the 1950s. What were they eating for centuries before kibble was invented??? hmmm.

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John07/30/16101010Thank you for your time excellent job .....

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2017-01-22 Sub zero:

Hi Bonnie,  If you love this food for your 5 year old, I suggest you look for a puppy formulation made by the same brand for the baby.  The nutritional requirements for a puppy are different than for an

2016-12-26 dog food:

Hi Aura,  Congrats on your new baby and Happy Holidays to you both! I love APBT's (have 2 of my own and several rescue/fosters), and while AB's are a distinct breed, they descended from pits/other breeds

2016-09-02 What dog food is good?:

Hello.  You can boil a whole chicken chopped ,remove bones and skin. Add barley brown rice or quinoa, sweet potatoes and spinach or green beans.  Put in a blender, cool and divide into serving size portions

2016-07-25 dog food change?:

Hi Ashley,  I do not recommend brands in this forum, but I can offer guidance to educate you about confusing and deceptive ingredient labels and nutrition.         Here is a simplified article about labels:

2016-07-25 ice cream:

Hi Regina and thanks for asking this question which is not easy to answer with a simple yes or no.    It really depends on many factors and variables, such as: the individual dog's regular diet, his inherent


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