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( My readers may contact me at ) *Need a dog food recipe for special needs? - Just ask Marie: I work with 10 rescue groups that are local and national. I an also the English Bulldog Rescue Rep for NC & SC ; Pet Vitamin Expert; **FOR QUICK ANSWERS** E-MAIL ME : ; Hill's dog food reviews; NuVet Pet Vitamins , Holistic pet foods; Herbs for pets ; ****Puppy food choices and feeding ; How often to feed your dog; adult dog food choices; Dog Food reviews, Dog food recipes; cat food recipes ; Alternaives to Hill's RX Special Vet diet; Canine Cancer diet; Reviews on Science Diet; Reviews on Nutro; k-9 pet health questions are welcome; Visit my Dog Health Blog - THE LATEST PET Food RECALLS are RELEASED here: Remember, I am a pet nurse and Not a Vet : In an emergancy please seek your local Vet. **thanks

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Many Years in Pet Care and Health... k9health options ; petnatural options; Own and Manage a Doggie Hotel, Also have been trained in Nutrition / Natural Choices for pets- Licensed Nurse for over 17 years


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I have been working , along with the vet , on some HOME MADE feeding: Let me know if you need help with home cooking: Kidney failure / struvites / crystals Calculi/Stones (Urinary Tract Infections) hillspets; k9cuisine; Wynsong food reviews; Dog food Reviews; *If you make a donation, I give my proceeds to Pet Rescue. I work with 10 rescue groups that are local and national. Donations are appreciated.. ( my private e-mail is :

What do you like about this subject?

My purpose is to define and explain when natural remedies are an option to the pet parents. Also, I enjoy giving people the knowledge to help and think for themselves. No alternative treatment is a Cure-All, for every medical case. *** Sometimes we have no choice but to take medication from the VET's office.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

PLEASE NOTE: E-mail me for Quick answers: My comments and answers to your questions or any information in my articles is not to be used "in lieu of" veterinarian's advise, diagnosis, or treatment. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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2013-06-20 Skin and Coat Issue - fleas; :

Hi Mike,  Looks like from fleas -   Please see my posts on Skin irritations from flea bites:    Please consider a natural

2013-06-18 Urinary Tract Infection - Best Food:

Sorry - put him back on the SD or Royal Canine Special diets RX -  Also, place this baby on the NuVet supplement - we have a wafer or powder - it will help your dog's immune system and balance the nutrition

2013-05-27 Best multivitamin for a puppy:

Hi Leonard,  Best wishes on your new puppy.   I suggest a good quality food such as the Merrick Brand or the Fromm's Brand -  As for a good vitamin , the NuVet plus is a must !!!  NuVet is an excellent

2013-01-07 Lyme positive joint discomfort NuJoint Plus, :

NuJoint for canine arthritis ;  Let me know how you do???    Hi Crystal ;  NuJoint Plus has a history of helping all levels of joint/hip problems ;    It's worth a try as the company gives you a 60 day

2012-12-19 oxalate crystals ; home cooked recipe for crystals in canine; :

This is for dogs with kidney crystals, struvites or stones:  Please Share this With your VET:  ( This is to be in place of using the commercial foods:          Royal Canine


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