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( My readers may contact me at ) I would be glad to give you my opinion on dog food brands and choices; Happy to guide you with home cooking for your pets

Experience in the area

20 plus years kennel and assisting Vets



I have been working, along with the vet, on HOMEMADE feeding: Let me know if you need help with home cooking: Kidney failure / struvites / crystals Calculi/Stones (Urinary Tract Infections)

Awards and Honors


What do you like about this subject?

My purpose is to define and explain when natural remedies are an option to the pet parents. Also, I enjoy giving people the knowledge to help and think for themselves. No alternative treatment is a Cure-All, for every medical case. *** Sometimes we have no choice but to take medication from the VET's office.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

PLEASE NOTE: E-mail me for Quick answers: My comments and answers to your questions or any information in my articles is not to be used "in lieu of" veterinarian's advise, diagnosis, or treatment. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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2016-05-19 Switch over from commercial to natural cooked food:

Hi Again, with my clients out of the country we can do communication by e-mail.  I have a form that you can fill out to give me more info on your situation.  Often the Vets are not very interested in the

2016-05-19 Switch over from commercial to natural cooked food:

Nita,  About your canine with cancer ;  yes, I can help you and I would be happy to work along with your Vet.  With this Osteo ( bone ) cancer the prognosis is not very promising as you know.  Yes, I can

2016-05-13 Westie Diet vitamins and home cooking , :

HI there Jen,  Well, the recipe you are using sounds pretty good.  The one thing I would change is the meat option.  I would go with the turkey more often than the Salmon.  My reason about lesser salmon

2016-01-05 itchy dog, shedding :

Hi Priscilla,  How about I list the products and food that my ITCHY Canine clients see to do very well on:   Hopefully this will help you.  Food is the number one problem -  Make sure your pet is on a

2015-01-08 Switching Diets & Cooking for my Dog:

Hi Bri, Sorry for the delay, I missed your question ;     Here is a link to a wonderful dog stew you can make for your 8 year old dog;  Also, I have listed the NuVet supplement on the site ;  Some great


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