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Anything involving children and motor vehicle transportation; car seat safety, car and safety system compatibility, safety systems design, best practices for child and family safety, general automobile safety.

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30 years automotive specialties, 22 years mechanical/technical instruction (plus, non-profit board membership & community service organization partnership), 10 years NHTSA certification experience.


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Many, see our web site.


NHTSA certified CPSTI, former certified auto mechanic (ASE), SME CASA (AMA) & CAS (Motorsport), former college instructor.

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Recent Answers from Bill Flinchbaugh

2017-03-12 Handicap travel:

Janice,  As I am sure you are finding, there is neither an easy or inexpensive solution to this challenge. The easiest way for her to travel will be with a companion of some sort. Either a family member

2017-02-09 Handicap travel:

Janice,  Your question from February about your mothers travel ability is not an easy 'do this' kind of question. There may be need to involve her Doctor(s) in this process. So, I will reply with a few

2016-09-03 car seats for school run:

To start, I need to know what year the Pajero is. From some of the seat belt descriptions you provided, I am going to guess early to mid 2000's. Exact year will help, though country of build and market

2016-02-11 Survey Request:

I took the survey, but found little related to my Expert specialty. As a former instructor at FTU/UCF, I am curious about your project. As for your one question on car seats, it is not as simple as a 'what

2014-07-03 Strollers buying guide:

Angela,  July is a heavy travel month for me, so sorry for the delay. When it comes to strollers, like buying cars, nothing beats a little "tire kicking". I would never buy a child's product without trying


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