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Ask me anything about the heavy metal sub-genre, details about specific bands, albums, artwork, members(past or present), tours and songs. You can also ask me questions about power metal guitarists. I can help you discover more power metal bands.

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I play guitar in a power metal band and have been a big fan of this style of music for years.


Diploma in guitar theory and sound production

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2012-04-05 Dragonforce:

Hey Michiel    Dragonforce have managed to keep this one rather quiet if I am honest.    There are many rumours about why he left, I should note that nothing is confirmed and these are just the opinions

2008-05-10 Fastest drummer:

Tim Waterson holds the Guinness Record for being the fastest foot drummer. Waterson, also known as "The Drumcan Man" because he built and performs on a kit he designed entirely of recycled materials, managed

2007-10-03 Helloween Walls of Jerrico:

1)  I had no idea they all liked HammerFall, maybe because they have music videos which are sometimes shown on T.V. and they feature in some magazines unlike many of the other bands.  Meaning the people

2007-10-03 Helloween Walls of Jerrico:

Remember Judas Priest have had different sounds throughout the years, I'd still say they were NWOBHM but you are right too, the early stuff really isnt.    All power metal bands do not need to be happy

2007-10-03 Helloween Walls of Jerrico:

Hi there.    The Walls Of Jericho you purchased has the HELLOWEEN EP tracks included and the single JUDAS which was only released as a single (you can also find this track on The Keeper of the Seven Keys


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