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Our company can answer questions relating to root cause analyses and basic interviewing skills. We believe that 90% of accidents/incidents are preventable and stress the importance of such measures as the management of change. Questions relating to trending and forecasting are welcome. Our representatives cannot answer specific legal questions or offer advice on how to get around OSHA regulations. Also, we encourage EHS students to do their own homework and research, but will entertain questions for legitimate educational purposes. Please visit for more information.

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Members of the company have taught EHS courses at the collegiate level and continue to do so. We have in particular designed courses in incident prevention and investigation at the undergraduate level. Additionally, we have provided training to employees of major oil & gas companies as part of established safety programs. Our professionals are OHSA authorized outreach instructors, CPR instructors, defensive driving instructors, and offer many other customized trainings. We have been involved in the lengthy process of accident investigations, interviewing procedures, accident reconstruction/diagramming, and root cause analysis. Our experience level spans nearly a decade in health and safety training and safety culture initiatives.


Board of Certified Safety Professionals American Psychological Association American Society of Safety Engineers Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychologists



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