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Ask us about the system of Reiki! Our interest is in researching the system from its Japanese origins. You can find out more from our website We don't send healing or attunements through All Experts so please do not ask for this but we are very happy to answer any questions you may have about the system of Reiki and how it works and can work for you.

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Collectively we have over 20 years experience in healing and the system of Reiki. We teach bi-annually in North America, Europe and Asia, and are based in Australia. Authors of these Reiki Books: The Reiki Sourcebook The Japanese Art of Reiki Your Reiki Treatment A-Z of Reiki Reiki Techniques Card Deck Creators of these CDs: Reiki Meditations for Self-Healing (Sounds True) Reiki Kan Reiki Tenohira Reiki Ho


Founders of Shibumi International Reiki Association Members of: Australian Reiki Connection Association of Australian Reiki Professionals Japanese Holistic Reiki Association


Kindred Spirit (UK) Paranormal (UK) Nature & Health (Australia)


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2014-08-13 Reiki level 2 attunement query:

The Reiki Meditations and how to work with the mantras can be found in the book The Japanese Art of Reiki by Bronwen and Frans Stiene.    To practice the symbol, just write it down lots of times on a piece

2014-08-12 Reiki level 2 attunement query:

Hi Devanshu,    It is normal that sometimes we do not feel much energy, that is why we need to meditate with the symbols and mantras and do the Reiki Meditations. That way you strengthen your connection

2014-03-30 uterine fibroid:

Hi Deyanira,    We are all different, so for some it might go quickly for others not, it all depends on many layers.    Of course you can ask your practitioner to place her hand on the area where the fibroid

2013-08-29 Fainting after reiki:

Hi Aria,    When we work with energy we need to make sure we are well prepared within ourself.    This means eating a good breakfast, lunch and dinner so the food keeps our energy in our body.    This

2013-05-04 cold feet:

Hi Dan,    The first thing to do is to wear socks and slippers, okay this sounds simple but we often forget. Wearing socks and slippers stops the cold energy from entering our feet which in turn can move


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