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I've been a public school teacher for 26 years. My major was history, but along the way, picked up minors in math, biology, zoology, and other life sciences. My whole life has been on one side of the desk or the other. Husband and Dad were both MDs so science and medicine was a natural for me. My dad once told me that I knew more medicine than most doctors. I can easily answer almost any life science question, most history questions, and lots of medical questions.

Experience in the area

Taught math,history, science, geology, chemistry, biology in a public school setting


None at the present time




Majored in history in college, minored in all those subject mentioned. Masters degree in education. Grad courses, but no degree in religious studies, U of Chicago, Divinity School.

Awards and Honors

Award at my one of my colleges of Best Student, in History as a year end award.

Past/Present Clients

I tutored for two years in math. Math however, if not used daily fades. My area of competency is in honors first year algebra, at this point.

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Prashant S Akerkar 08/28/16101010Dear Elisabeth Thanks. Prashant
Charles02/19/16101010Thank you.
William 11/20/15101010Very excellent information.
Charles07/01/15101010Thank you, Elizabeth

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2016-12-01 Help:

All cells have cell membranes, and the membranes are flexible.     So animal cells can have various shapes, but plant cells only have the shapes of their cell walls.     That's nice for plants, because

2016-09-27 Evolution of sex difference:

I'm not sure anyone knows the answer to that...whether it is a 'Nature' or 'Nurture' problem    Someone can look very masculine, yet be uncomfortable as a male.  There are at least two of us in the evolution

2016-09-02 Evolution of sex difference:

We are what we are.  And each of us is wired a bit differently, that's all.      Nothing more, and nothing less.      Each of us is an individual.  Who we are, and how we feel about ourselves is a personal

2016-09-02 Evolution of sex difference:

Actually, there are more than just two sexes....... In parts of Asia, it is accepted that some people display outwardly both feminine and masculine traits, and they are accepted..... if they ever marry

2016-04-24 progression in genes:

Firstly, evolution doesn't need any "intelligent designer".      The development of anything in any plant or animal is the process of mutations, time, and death.  When you understand that, you understand


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