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Scott Kwiatkowski


I can answer general questions about performing, song choices, offer advise, encouragment and opinion. I can not answer technical questions about software or hardware.

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For almost a year, I shared KJ duties at a bar up north that specialized in karaoke every night of the week, as well as some private parties; but I've been an active participant for over fifteen years and have won a couple of local contests. I have my own philosophy about karaoke and love to talk about it.


Currently I'm an active member of the American Legion and the National Rifle Association.


Yes I have an education, though nothing formal in the "field of karaoke". Just a heck of alot of experience singing everywhere from New York to Florida to California and many, many points in between. My education after graduating high school was Tech School in the USAF; then vocational training and electronic engineering in college. After that, I studied and passed state exams and became licensed in life and health insurance, security, private investigations and firearms training. I am now also a qualified firearms instuctor.

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