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I can answer questions on many Traditions. I have experience in many subjects, including General Wiccan information, Dianic Wicca, Folk Magick and indigenous Religions, including Celtic Reconstruction, Native Herbal uses and Green WitchCraft.

Experience in the area

I have 19 years experience in the above topics, including the Initiatory traditions of Gardnerian Wicca and Green Witchcraft.


Maryland Delaware Wiccan Pagan Alliance, Alternative Religions Education Network, Lady Liberty League, Pagan Clergy Association


The Seeker Journal, WitchVox.com,


Higher learning including Horticulture, herbalism, aromatherapy, counseling and initiation into different religious orders, including work with Susun Weed and other notable Pagan Authors, Scholars and Elders. Usui Reiki Master.

Awards and Honors

I run a Temple, in addition to my "mundane" life working in a hospital and running my own business.I have had 4 years of formal training in one Tradition, and was Initiated as a Green Witch. I've taught classes in MD, DE and PA. I've been contacted on several occasions to act as a Media liason for ABC television and the Sci-Fi Channel in matters of the Wiccan religion and have been featured locally on AM and FM stations, including multiple appearances on 'The Paranormal Cafe.' I run Meeting groups locally for Witches and other Magical people to meet and greet, and am currently working with friends in MD and DE to build stores to better serve our Community.

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Recent Answers from Rev. Amy Blackthorn

2011-11-10 Guidance:

Suggested Reading List for Beginners:  Barnes and Noble and Amazon should have all of these.    True Magick by Amber K  How to Become a Witch: The Path of Nature, Spirit & Magick  by Amber K  Wicca: A

2011-10-21 Wiccanism:

Hi Chris!      Wicca doesn't teach anything about Christianity.  Most adherents come from other faiths, and a large portion come from Christian backgrounds already.     It certainly doesn't teach that

2010-12-23 Becoming a Wiccan:

There is a book called, "The Witches Bible", however it's not a "Wicca 101".  The book I suggest to my Wicca 101 students is, "Wicca: A Guide to the Solitary Practitioner".  There are more resources at

2010-02-25 Deities:

If you're worried about offending a particular Deity, many practitioners refer to the Male and Female, (either "Lord and Lady" or God and Goddess) until they pick a pantheon they might like to work with

2010-02-21 a few questions about wicca:

Hi Billy,       Old and new are subjective terms.  To a dragonfly, anything over a day is an eternity.  Gerald Gardner took the teachings of the New Forest coven of Witchcraft and changed them to fit with


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