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Most any question regarding modern Paganism, Witchcraft, Wicca and other modern alternative religions.

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I'm the host of PaganFM! one of the few on-air pagan radio programs (if there are any others at all). I'm a writer and editor, minister, and perhaps most importantly, the parent of teens.


Portsmouth Community Radio (show host, engineering committee), Theosophical Society and others


Magickal Light, poetry journals, paganfm.com, numerous technical manuals Wicca Revealed (as editor).


Attended a number of colleges including CCAF, UNH, WNEC, CTU and others, and have many credits in various programs, but never acquired a degree.

Past/Present Clients

www.acupuncturemedical.org, irishshow.org, magicka school

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2016-05-18 Wazifa:

In Wicca, spells for love typically involve steps that help someone feel better about themselves, to become more accepting of who they are. This will make them more attractive to others, and love follows

2016-05-18 Wazifa:

That would depend upon the court case. The only true success is that which brings about righteousness for all. Any spells designed to evoke truth and righteousness would be in order. If you're looking

2016-05-18 Dua:

A prayer to find a good life partner, would be any prayer that helps you to be more authentically yourself. And after that, one needs courage and willingness to find such a person. I don't usually help

2013-06-24 beginning again:

Hi Amandaj  That's a really great question. I work as an engineer, and science and facts are very important to me. For quite some time I thought that religion must be nonsense; after all, we can't prove

2013-01-17 don't know where to go from here:

This is one of the questions I'm most frequently asked. Wicca and Witchcraft are very attractive to younger people; these religions allow an expression of spirituality that meets us where we are at, they


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