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I can answer any question relating to the characters, actors, references and quotes. I know a lot about Futurama and I am certain I can answer anything relating to the T.V. show Futurama(and even The Simpsons)

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I have been a big fan of this show for years. I own all dvds that have been released and have achieved 100% on all Futurama Quizzes I have tried online

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vanessa bazoomz09/10/1010101010 acr. the board.

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2010-04-01 bender-best cigar in the world??????????:

This episode is called “Three Hundred Big Boys” and is the sixteenth episode of season four of Futurama, which aired June 15, 2003.    Every "Earthican" is given a $300 tax rebate.  Bender uses this to


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